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Mariusz Henschke
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Shipping & Returns

1. At registration, please provide your telephone number, GG number, Skype or another communicator in order to facilitate contact when we carry out your order.

2. A shop employee will contact the Client in the following instances:
   • when shop employees are uncertain if the placed order is correct,
   • payment for the ordered products has not been credited to the shop’s bank account within 4 days from the order date,
   • each time when the Client selects the shipping option “Collect” in order to confirm the shipping address.
3. Shipping collect is possible (only in Poland) after a previous payment of PLN 15 to our account to cover the shipping expenses (inclusive of PLN 3 as the package may be returned to the sender – our shop). When that amount has been credited to our account, we send the parcel collect for the order amount (goods + shipping costs PLN 12) minus PLN 15 already paid.
   Example: a Client buys ear rings for PLN 70 + PLN 12 shipping costs (total order amount PLN 82), makes payment of PLN 15 to our account. When the amount of PLN 15 has been booked to our account, we send the package collect for PLN 67.

4. The purchased goods may be returned within 10 days from receipt provided it has no traces of wearing or mechanical damage and has attached company label. The returned goods shall be accompanied by the original payment receipt. We guarantee refund of product value minus shipping costs and a handling fee.
The amount shall be refunded by bank transfer. The returned goods shall be accompanied by a statement of contract termination and the account number to which the payment is to be refunded.

5. The shop will not accept returns sent collect.

6. If a parcel arrives damaged, you can refuse to accept it or accept it verifying the contents against the attached packing list in the presence of the post official. The packing list is equivalent to payment receipt, invoice or bill.

7. The maximum shipping costs in Poland are PLN 36, abroad PLN 120.

8. The ordered goods may be picked up at our shops:
   1) Chojnice, ul. Gimnazjalna 3
   2) Szczecinek, ul. 9-go Maja 27

9. Promotion - "For each product above PLN 300 – shipment and box FREE OF CHARGE" concerns exclusively shipments in Poland. The promotion does not apply to collect orders. The promotion is valid from 26.03.2007 until terminated.

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